Watch seasons of sex and the city online free

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Watch seasons of sex and the city online free

Advice to the writers, easy on the gay scenes(we get it HE's Gay), easy on the b word (we GEt it Cookie is not sweet) and more substance in us understanding who these people are in relation to how it all came to be. With all the good television out there how is this show the most talked about show and gets the best ratings.Make us work for the scenes by building it up, too much is thrown the audience way, as to say, "hey we got a little something for everyone", because no one is getting enough. Obviously we all know why and 90 % of the ratings on this board that are positive is from Afro American viewers.Maybe one day an Afro American show on cable will be produced and will be done with better quality and I will be the first too watch it just like I watched Afro American classics like The Jeffersons, Good Times, Sanford and Sons, and The Prince of Bel Aire. Shows we all recently know who are all time great shows are Breaking Bad, Games Of Thrones and Mad Men, receive their awards and are well deserved.There were other great shows who get some publicity but should of gotten way more like the recently departed shows in Dexter, The Bridge, and The Killing.Do they really like this show or they just support this show because it is their show. It is like Obama getting elected and getting 90% of the Black vote or O. Simpson getting cheered by the Afro Americans in colleges when he was found not guilty. No it isn't and I don't see Nashville getting this hype like this show does and it shouldn't.

Some of these shows are gone now but Games Of Thrones is still on to enjoy but what about giving some more accolades and raves to these other great shows.Mariah Carey will be joining empire singing song with Jussie Smollett.this shows since started watching first episodes.songs are dope..they will keep continue this shows...The Family of Musics *-* If you love drama- this show is perfect.Despite these I recommend this show I was so excited for this show to be back.I can't help but feel slightly disappointed so far.

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This show to me, is offensive to not only people who love hip hop, but African Americans, Caucasians, Women, Executives, artist and the homosexual community.