Updating drivers for

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Updating drivers for

You can install windows on your SSD easily, just select the SSD during install.

Make sure you Motherboard SATA ports are set to AHCI.

The device manager provides a solution for indexing all hardware devices connected to the motherboard that make up the computer and detailing the specifications of the devices and the driver software associated with them.

Still, finding the device manager requires clicking through several windows and links.

3)) I didn't take a look at your link, but you should install any drivers that you may need.

Make sure to sort by drivers so you can better distinguish the drivers from the programs, and BIOS updates that motherboard manufactures bundle with their boards. Keep in mind, just because you see a lot of drivers doesn't necessarily mean you need them all. 4)) If this is your first build I would focus on installing your initial operating system first.

Please Note: While the recommended solution to easily updating and repairing drivers is to simply Download the Automatic Driver Update Tool, this step-by-step guide will help you with manually troubleshooting and attempting to fix the driver problems for yourself.Thanks for taking the time to read my noob questions. 2)) The "best" way to update/install drivers is whatever is easier for you.If you need more info from me feel free to ask like my parts and what not feel free to ask. That is a good idea, at least for the chipset and network drivers. If you have a spare flash drive just throw all your drivers on there with a couple programs you may want like firefox, and an antivirus program.Developers share their own set of problems with drivers as well. The kind of programming it takes to write instructions for communication between circuitry demands unique skills and powerful logic.Driver developers are challenged by the demands for increased performance and they are challenged even further when required to achieve performance without losing neither stability, nor compatibility.

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