Speed dating events in coventry

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Speed dating events in coventry

A number of stops will be placed at the right side of each lane.Central stops between both lanes will be placed at locations with limited space at the right side. On November 3, 2005, a licence and technology transfer agreement was signed between Advanced Public Transport Systems (APTS) and the Korea Railroad Research Institute (KRRI).Guided buses are buses capable of being steered by external means, usually on a dedicated track or roll way that excludes other traffic, permitting the maintenance of schedules even during rush hours.But unlike trolleybuses or rubber-tired trams; for part of their routes guided buses are able to share roadspace with general traffic along conventional roads, or with conventional buses on standard buslanes.It enables buses to have precision-docking capabilities as efficient as those of light rail and reduces dwell times, making it possible to drive the vehicle to a precise point on a platform according to an accurate and reliable trajectory.The distance between the door steps and the platform is optimized not to exceed 5 centimetres (2 in).Level boarding is then possible, and there is no need to use a mobile ramp for people with mobility impairments.The Optiguide system, an optical guidance device developed by Siemens Transportation Systems SAS, has been in revenue service since 2001 in Rouen and Nîmes (only at stations), France, and has been fitted to trolleybuses in Castellon (Spain) since June 2008.

Since June 2013, 3 miles (1.5 miles each way) of the Emerald Express (Em X) BRT in Eugene, Oregon has used magnetic guidance in revenue service on an especially curvy section of the route that also entails small radius S-curves required for docking. On kerb-guided buses (KGB) small guide wheels attached to the bus engage vertical kerbs on either side of the guideway.

The start of the guideway is funnelled from a wide track to guideway width.

This system permits high-speed operation on a narrow guideway and precise positioning at boarding platforms, facilitating access for the elderly and disabled.

A camera in the front of the vehicle scans the bands of paint on the ground representing the reference path.

The signals obtained by the camera are sent to an onboard computer, which combines them with dynamic parameters of the vehicle (speed, yaw rate, wheel angle).

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Other experimental systems have non-mechanical guidance, such as sensors or magnets buried in the roadway.