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Russian disability dating

I think I was teased more for wearing a brace.' Perhaps she chooses not to remember, just as she chose not to read more than just a few of the comments about her from CBeebies parents shielding their offspring's eyes from the sight of her.

And let's face it, in today's increasingly body-obsessed, cosmetically enhanced, gym-honed, teethwhitened, manicured society, most female television presenters appear to have been pressed from the same easy-on-the-eye identikit mould. For me, it was the best job in the world.' However, within days of her debut presenting Discover and Do, with Alex Winters in January, the first negative comments started to trickle in.This attitude still exists precisely because there are so few people with disabilities on television, so, no, I wasn't surprised.'You always hope that things have moved on, and it's the same kind of discrimination that black and Asian actors faced 25 years ago.'There was a feeling in the medical profession, certainly back then, that if you can make a disabled person look less disabled then life will be easier for them; that discrimination is something you can escape from.'But almost every morning I used to fight with my parents about having to wear it, and in the end I just used to treat it like the rest of my school uniform, something which had to be put on, but it was an annoyance.'When I was nine, I simply stopped wearing it.

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(It is) positive discrimination in my book.' The BBC received nine formal complaints, but the CBeebies website was buzzing with comments, some so vicious they had to be taken down.