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Ot serdtsa k serdtsu online dating

© 2001 003293 Manufactured in the United States of America 11 10 09 o S 07 06 05 04 03 02 00-C2097-FM 4/30/02 AM Page v For Melanie e- 00-C2097-FM 4/30/02 AM Page vi e- 00-C2097-FM 4/30/02 AM Page vii e Contents Acknowledgments ix Note on Dating and Transliteration xi INTRODUCTION 1 CHAPTER i: CHA1KOV5KY AND DECADENCE 45 CHAPTER 2: R1M5KY-KOR5AKOV AND RELIGIOUS SYNCRETISM "5 CHAPTER 3 : SCR1AB1N AND THEURGY 184 CHAPTER 4 : PROKOFIEV AND MIMESIS 242 CONCLUSION 308 Appendix: The Libretto of the Preparatory Act 313 Index 349 e 00-C2097-FM 4/30/02 AM Page viii e- 00-C2097-FM 4/30/02 AM Page ix e Acknowledgments T am deeply grateful to Carolyn Abbate for her essential guidance in devel- oping and improving the dissertation on which this book is based.T am also indebted to Caryl Emerson, who gave the dissertation a critical reading and directed me to crucial primary and secondary sources.Though the holidays hold the potential for much enjoyment, they also can present special challenges.My work as a life coach intensifies this time of year, as the holidays can mean dealing with more than just getting shopping done on time.

My special thanks to Richard Taruskin, who helped edit the dissertation for publication, of- fered corrections and refinements, identified lacunae in the arguments, and was unwavering in his support. ova-Walker for her recommendations concerning the book's organization and to Ange- lina Shapoval, Michael Wachtel, and Leonid Yanovsky for their assistance with the Russian-language translations.Keeping yourself on an even keel through self-care can go a long way toward helping you navigate whatever drama the holidays may hold.Enable session caching of directorys and files to true.By taking care of yourself and needs you have around staying healthy and centered, you’ll be able to get through the holidays more smoothly.Here are some strategies that I recommend to all of my clients at Mark Strong Coaching: Don’t sacrifice your needs.

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My thanks, finally, to Mary Fran- cis and Mary Severance of University of California Press for shepherding the manuscript to publication. Petersburg, and London in 19 with the support of a Charlotte Elizabeth Proctor Honorary Fellowship and an American Musicological Society Dissertation Fellowship.

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