Military dating classified radiocarbon dating to calendar years

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Military dating classified

Comey had reportedly told a large group about the news, in this case special agents in charge from across the nation. Priebus asked the FBI leaders if they could refute the report in public, though they both declined.Trump’s request that Comey remain on allegedly occurred during the Jan. When the reported calls between the FBI officials and Priebus surfaces, Trump is infuriated and tweets that the FBI needs to work aggressively to stop the leaks.reports: An independent Fox News review of The New York Times’ reporting dating back to January reveals a host of stories sourced from top FBI and DOJ officials – or those privy to their conversations – that either paint Comey in a positive light or push a message he was unable to personally disclose.Though Comey told the Senate Judiciary Committee on May 3 he’d never been — or directed another FBI official to be — an anonymous source for news reports about the Trump and Hillary Clinton investigations, the then-FBI chief did not deny orchestrating leaks using, for instance, an old friend who works at Columbia University, or providing the information to a wide enough group to ensure it would leak.(I) " State active duty" means full-time duty in the active military service of the state under a proclamation of the governor issued pursuant to authority vested in the governor by law, and while going to and returning from such duty.(J) "Duty status other than state active duty" means any other types of duty and while going to and returning from such duty.March 1 – A DOJ official confirms to The Times that Attorney General Jeff Sessions had a pair of conversations with Russian official Sergey Kislyak despite Sessions’ Jan.10 testimony that he hadn’t had contact with Russians in a campaign capacity.

A “senior law enforcement official from the Obama Administration” tells The Times that Trump’s claim is “100 percent untrue.” Schmidt contributed to this article.March 5 – Several “senior American officials and senior FBI officials” tell The Times that Comey argued that Trump’s surveillance claim was false and had to be publicly corrected, even going so far as to ask DOJ to push back on the allegation.The Justice Department does not do so, though Comey’s concerns are voiced in the article without him ever giving an on-the-record quote. March 6 – The Trump administration pushes back on the reported Comey concerns publicized in the previous day’s Times story.(E) "Superior commissioned officer" means a commissioned officer superior in rank or command.(F) "Enlisted member" means a person in an enlisted grade.

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