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Matpat and stephanie dating sites

With nothing but his thoughts, Matthew was left in a dangerous place for someone who had just played a VR horror game, particularly someone with his creative imagination.For a second he swore he could hear carnival music coming from the hall, but when he moved slightly, it stopped.Itʼs possible that these automated requests were sent from another user on your network.

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Matt flew backwards, and it was any wonder he didn't put a dent in one of the walls, but luckily it turns out the sound proofing has more than one use. She leaned into Matt's chest, his arms wrapped around her and she heard his heart beating fast and strong, almost as if it was trying to break free."That was a pretty scary game today," Steph said honestly, "I'm proud of you for getting through it.""Aw, thanks Steph.""You're welcome Matthew," they smiled at each other, but a demanding "meow" interrupted their moment. Steph left down the hall with Cat Pat, and Matt couldn’t hold back a slight smile as he heard the two of them "chatting" away.

"Oh Matthew," Steph giggled, moving over to be by his side in his new position. "So I'm guessing the grin is a good sign of recovery?

Besides, I love your girlish screaming, it's quite entertaining.

But if you really need a hug, here," Steph said, pulling Matt into a tight embrace where they sat on the floor. Skip trotted across towards the door, meowing once or twice on the way."It's my turn today, isn't it?

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Having noticed a lack of Mat Pat and Stephanie fanfiction within the Theorist community, I decided to create this collection.

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