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She accompanies Peter Pan at St George’s Bristol on 25 November, and at the Barbican in London on 16 December. This British publication is a relatively short but knowledgeable and helpful account of film production techonology and techniques, from a British perspective.It was much used by Rachael Low in her classic work, .

: Dancing at the Moving Picture Ball, some scenario Great big stars paraded ’round the hall, they were merry oh, Handsome Wallace Reid stepped out full of speed, And Theda Bara was a terror, she “vamped the little lady”, so did Alice Brady, Douglas Fairbanks shimmied on one hand, like an acrobat Mary Pickford did a toe dance grand, and Charlie Chaplin with his feet Stepped all over poor Blanche Sweet Dancing at that Moving Picture Ball.

This is a database of some 150,000 examples of sheet music in their collection, immaculately presented with sound cataloguing detail and many of the records having digitised cover images and sheet music.

There is a simple and advanced search option, and searching on titles and using the option to choose digitised images only brings up records associated with going to the movies from the silent era.

While the film was given a new score by composer Philip Carli in 1999, the film will receive an interesting musical accompaniment in Bristol in November.

Playing live to the film at the City’s delightful ‘St.

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DVD of the varied and strange kinds of film that featured in the touring fairground shows of Europe in the early years of the 20th century has already been reported on by The Bioscope.