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During the first three minutes, most CS males displayed typical courtship behaviors to CS females, whereas w1118 males showed greatly reduced courting activities.Heterozygous 10×UAS-IVS-m CD8:: GFP (III) flies (mw flies.Dam temperature had a slight effect on the pattern of daily egg production, but not on overall fecundity.In contrast, sire temperature slightly influenced both overall fecundity and the pattern of daily egg production.82.5% of wild-type Canton-S flies copulated within 60 minutes in circular arenas, whereas few white-eyed mutants mated successfully.The w Mating behavior in wild-type Drosophila consists of a series of courtship rituals and subsequent copulation.Successful copulation is highlighted with light-red. We then examined the copulation success of flies in the circular arenas for 180 min.CS pairs copulated once with a successful rate of 87.5% (14/16), which was comparable with the successful rate observed during 60-min experiments (P 0.05, Fisher’s exact test).

Developmental temperature had no significant effect either on overall fecundity or on the pattern of daily egg production.

For all the experiments, copulation success is indicated as red in the pie chart.

Sexual activities of flies was observed within 60 minutes in the circular arenas.

(B) Courtship indices within three minutes in tested flies.

*P males but not heterozygous males started courtship immediately.

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Successful copulation is a consequence of sexual interactions between specific male stimuli and appropriate female responses.