Dating wifes cousin

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Dating wifes cousin

Zelophehad's daughters did as the LORD commanded Moses. In Genesis -51, the story unfolds of how, against all odds, God's direction for her to marry her cousin's son Isaac (first cousin once removed) is made crystal clear. Jacob was the son whom was blessed to fulfill God's prophecy that the descendant's of Abraham (Jacob's grandfather, Isaac's father) would become a great nation.Zelophehad's daughters, Mahlah, Tirzah, Hoglah, Milcah and Noah, married their cousins on their father's side (Numbers 36:1-11). Isaac instructed Jacob to marry a daughter of Rebekkah's brother.Although he immediately fell in love and became engaged to his cousin Rachel, his uncle tricked him into first marrying Rachel's sister Leah.Although God blessed Jacob greatly, Jacob suffered much grief and heartache for having married both sisters.Furthermore, the Scripture clearly and unmistakably defines an aunt (a mother's or father's sister) as the parent's close relative, not as one's own.

Perhaps even more unfortunate is that many preachers, priests, and theologians have also allowed society to cloud their judgment on the issue, rather than to study what the Bible has to say on the subject for themselves.

If the first wife was opposed to the marriage, or was related to the widow within the defined prohibitions, then she became the responsibility of the next nearest kin.

The brother of the deceased was generally the obvious choice, although a widow's marriage to her father in law was fairly common.

If she had borne no children to her husband, her firstborn to his relative was to be the legitimate heir to the deceased spouse.

However, the nearest kin was also required to have the approval of his first wife before taking on a second.

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Let's look first at how the Bible defines sexual impurity.